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Rollin’ Around The Kitchen

Q: I have very little counter space in my kitchen and wonder if a "roll-about" work area might be a way to add more prep space. Lynn Answers Before you spend money on a "roll about" work surface, determine if the addition of this item will crowd the kitchen, which I assume is on the [...]

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Hot for Techno

Last year, Lynn was interviewed at the Architectural Digest show in New York about a new App for range hoods. The original one-on-one interview isn't featured, but Lynn is shown interacting with the rep in the 1st 3 videos on this site, as they discuss this exciting new feature for the design community.   If [...]

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Runaway Budget

Unlike Julia Roberts' character in Runaway Bride, a Runaway Budget is harder to make peace with, once your money is gone and certainly, it is less romantic. When I am contacted by a new client, I have a standard list of questions that I ask, in order to get things started. The most critical question [...]

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