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Social Media for Business Part II

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking with my colleague, Peter J Lamont on the benefits of Social Media.  Today, we continued our discussion on Peter's informative show, Minding Your Business. Since my original interview aired, Peter's office received a number of questions and comments for me.  So we thought it would be a [...]

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Rollin’ Around The Kitchen

Q: I have very little counter space in my kitchen and wonder if a "roll-about" work area might be a way to add more prep space. Lynn Answers Before you spend money on a "roll about" work surface, determine if the addition of this item will crowd the kitchen, which I assume is on the [...]

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Hot for Techno

Last year, Lynn was interviewed at the Architectural Digest show in New York about a new App for range hoods. The original one-on-one interview isn't featured, but Lynn is shown interacting with the rep in the 1st 3 videos on this site, as they discuss this exciting new feature for the design community.   If [...]

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Runaway Budget

Unlike Julia Roberts' character in Runaway Bride, a Runaway Budget is harder to make peace with, once your money is gone and certainly, it is less romantic. When I am contacted by a new client, I have a standard list of questions that I ask, in order to get things started. The most critical question [...]

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Shower with a Friend

A question from DT in New York, NY: I've been told that I am required to use a thermostatic or a pressure-balanced shower valve in my bathroom renovation.  Why is this "required" and what's the difference between the two?   Lynn Answers: If you've ever been blasted by hot water in the shower, after someone [...]

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Social Media for Business

  Recently, I spoke with Peter J Lamont, my colleague in the National Kitchen and Bath Association. The name of his show is "Minding Your Business" and it aired on Blogtalk Radio. We discussed the use of social media in business and focused on the following issues: (1) How to succesfully utilize social media in [...]

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