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Lynn M Masiello Earns Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist Educational Designation

Verona, NJ, December 6, 2013 - Lynn M Masiello, of LM Designs, is now one of the select group of professionals nationwide to earn the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation, identifying her as design professional who now has the skills and knowledge necessary to remodel or modify a home to meet the unique needs of [...]

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Master Bath Goes Techno: An Interview with LM Designs

                      Master Bath Goes Techno:  An Interview with LM Designs LM Designs is featured in this month's Kitchen & Bath Design News  in an article entitled, "The Master Bath Goes Techno". This in-depth interview with Lynn M Masiello - lead designer and project manager for [...]

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Roasted Chestnuts (Caldarroste)

     "A Handful of Flour:  An Italian-American Legacy of Food and Love" By LM Masiello   Recipe:  Roasted Chestnuts Caldarroste        Verona, NJ - on what was then a dirt road in the "country". This is where my grandfather built his family's second home. He planted saplings from a local nursery around the property; [...]

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Q:  The 3-handled valve in my tub and shower is broken, ugly and doesn't maintain a safe temperature.  I want to replace it with a single control, pressure-balanced valve.  Is there a way to do this without completely gutting the wall and replacing all of the tile?  Lynn Answers: To replace a three-handled shower valve, [...]

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Fall In Love With Your Kitchen: A “How To” Guide

If you've grown tired of your old kitchen, consider staying put and making some changes, before you pack it in.  Treat your faithful, old kitchen to a little "facelift" and watch it come back to life!   Cabinets Typically the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation, your existing cabinets don't have to go if [...]

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Going Green will Save Your Green

From the lights in your kitchen to the shower head in your bathroom, LM Designs is always looking for ways to help our clients save money and invest their renovation dollars wisely. For example, did you know that the cost of utilities often exceeds the cost of real estate taxes or homeowners insurance? Up to [...]

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Is It Worth It? Part II

Last year, I shared national data pertaining to the monetary value homeowners can expect to recoup from a home renovation, if they plan to sell. I repeat - if they plan to sell. Since writing that post, I have seen a few homeowners, who had once happily dreamed about updating a bathroom or kitchen, have [...]

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Keeping Your Cool

As outdoor temperatures rise, water use rises too and as a result, so do utility bills. But there are easy solutions that homeowners can implement now for water conservation. The best news is that with the help of an adjustable wrench and some pipe-joint tape, you can do-it-yourself! Trivia Fact: The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) [...]

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